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Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Date: Jan 22, 1983
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The Tregor affair got its name from Norman Tregor, who owned a building which, like scores of other commercial buildings in the city, was systematically overvalued by the city for tax purposes. Building owners, with Tregor at the lead, went to court to seek redress. They got it, $143 million worth.

The city's legislative delegation blindly scuttled a version of the Tregor bailout legislation solely, it seemed, because [White] was supporting it. Before it was finally enacted months later, Tregor was substantially amended to avoid a gubernatorial veto. Tregor had become the tail of a larger dog, the creation of a state convention authority attached to the legislation. Further, to get police support for the legislation, the mayor gave them binding arbitration in their union contract with the city, a move that could be expensive in the years ahead.

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